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Corrosion Resistant Storage Bins

Features / Specifications

Heavy-duty, tough, and dependable stack and nest totes are the ultimate reusable container for storing and transporting your valuable items in any application.


  • Available in 9 sizes

  • Standard colors: Blue, Gray and Red

  • Totes are injection molded from high-density polypropylene material and are manufactured   from FDA and USDA approved materials

  • Bins will not corrode, bend out of shape, are unaffected by chemicals and are waterproof

  • Reusable container will stack with or without lids for maximum storage and shipping

  • Bins have the unique ability to stack or they can be turned 180° to nest when empty  saving valuable space

  • Optional lids for totes can be secured with nylon ties

  • Textured bottoms ensure safe and easy, non-slip grip in transit on conveyors

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