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Commercial Lighting

Features / Specifications

Our team provides a variety of commercial lighting options – to meet your budget, voltage requirements, architectural plans, design preferences, & space requirements!

Commercial, Residential, & Industrial Lighting Fixtures

  • Ceiling Lights – Ceiling lights mount to the ceiling and include chandeliers, pendants, linear suspensions, flush and semi-flush mounts and recessed lighting. It can also include ceiling fans with lights and track lighting.
  • Chandeliers – The statement-makers of the home, chandeliers are luxurious and elaborate demonstrations of lighting that are designed to stand out and draw attention.

  • Pendants – Pendants are simpler in design than chandeliers and offer direct, downward illumination to surfaces. They can be effective as single units or in linear or shaped arrangements.

  • Flush and Semi-Flush Mounts – For rooms with low ceilings, flush and semi-flush mounts offer accent or full lighting close to the ceiling.

  • Recessed Lighting – Resting entirely within the ceiling, recessed lights provide general and directed illumination while making a subtle appearance.

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