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Clean Room Storage Cabinets

Features / Specifications

• Stainless steel cabinetry to maximize storage and space utilization

• Available as free-standing, built-in, or caster base models

• Double panel doors with FDA approved polyethylene foam for glass shock resistance

• Addition of casters will increase cabinet outer dimension and height slightly

• 3/16″ tempered glass doors with stainless steel lockable paddle latch

• Caster base with locking casters (Cabinet model height will vary – consult drawing)

• Radius glass panels for ease of cleaning

• Adaptable to custom installations

• Adjustable stainless steel door hinges

• Keyed door latch

• Adjustable nylon floor glides for leveling

• Stainless steel shelves adjustable in ½” increments

• Stainless steel or Polyvinyl pegboard

• Trim bezel for built-in applications

• Additional shelves

• Solid doors

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